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The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe has been awarded funding through the FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant for the development and construction of a vertical evacuation tower.
The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe is seeking the services of an experienced individual, team, or firm to provide project management services for the pre-construction and construction of the vertical evacuation tower.
All proposals should reflect the experience and proven abilities in the areas of pre-construction and construction project management. The Selection Committee, which is comprised of experts from FEMA, Washington State EMD, DNR, NOAA, Pacific County, UW and the Tribe, will review and score all properly submitted proposals.
The Tribe maintains compliance with the requirements for Utilization of Small, Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise, as well as Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) in its procurement actions. Qualified proposals reflecting experience in working with Native American Tribes within Washington State will receive extra points in the scoring process.


Proposal Due Date: April 15, 2019 by 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Proposal Submission will be accepted:

Via e-mail, U.S. mail, other delivery services and/or hand delivery. All proposals must be received by 3:30 pm April 15, 2019. Postmarks are not accepted. If submitting by email, the subject line should read

Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Project Management Proposal

Proposal Address: Lee Shipman, Director

Emergency Management Department Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe

P. O. Box 130 Tokeland, Wa

E-mail: leshipman@shoalwaterbay-nsn.gov Phone: 360-267-8120

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