About the Tribe

Our Culture

The culture and heritage of our people is strong. Sometimes it may be hard to see since many of our traditions have been blended with modern life, but our culture is alive and well.

Children are still told family stories from long ago, gathering of the people such as our yearly general council, Saturday parent group, community dinners, and other ceremonies are still held. Many of our people still hold true to traditional spiritual beliefs and practices, sometimes blending them with Christian traditions.

Today we also seek to ensure a strong future. We have developed many programs to ensure future generations will prosper. From business ventures such as the casino and wellness center to education programs and cultural activities for the children, we look forward to the years ahead.


Nukaunlth Village 

Hiyu maśi

Hiyu maśi means “many thanks” in our native language and is pronounced “hi-yu mah-see.”