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 Current Job Openings:  


Recreation/Gym Assistant

Full Time

Open Until Filled

SUMMARY: Assists Parks and Recreation Director in public and voluntary recreation programs at the recreation/gym building and indoor center.

For full job description, essential duties and qualifications, click here.


Assistant Computer User Support Specialist
Full Time

Open Until Filled

Under the supervision of IT staff, provide technical assistance to the organization’s users, answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, or via telephone or electronically, and provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, productivity software, electronic mail, and operating systems.

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Cultural Administrative Assistant

Full Time

Open Until Filled

Summary: Assists Culture Director & Library Manager with general operations of the Library, Cultural Department and Museum.

For more information, full job description and qualifications click here. 


Assistant Tribal Administrator

Full Time Exempt

Open Until filled

SUMMARY: Serves as an Assistant to the Tribal Administrator. Per the Tribal Administrator’s direction, they develop and propose policies, programs, and initiatives to address the needs of the Tribal community. Work with other government agencies to further the governmental goals of the Tribe. Provide administrative support to the Tribal Council. Perform a wide range of difficult to complex management system activities related to accounting, finance, contracting, property and personnel and discretionary activities that support effective Tribal Government operations. Expectation is to be promoted to Tribal Administrator within 12 months.

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 Planning Department Director

Full Time

Open until filled

(Available start date 10/01/22)

SUMMARY: The Planning Department Director is responsible for all aspects of the planning department. Primarily responsible for developing, proposing, and implementing projects and planning activities. Also identify and develop community planning grant opportunities. Maintains frequent contact with elected and appointed officials. Prioritize and plan cultural, governmental, natural resources, health, transportation, housing, and relocation for the Shoalwater Bay Tribal community.

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 Police Officer

Full Time

Open Until Filled

Summary: Work involves general law enforcement duties for the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe. General enforcement duties include the protection of life and property in the tribal community through the enforcement of tribal laws and codes. Work involves patrolling by vehicle or on foot in assigned areas on assigned shifts, investigates and reports violations of tribal laws, codes and ordinances, issuing warnings or citations; serving warrants or other court processes; seizing equipment used in illegal activities. Work of this class involves, at times, an element of personal danger when confronting violators and making arrest, thus the employee must exercise individual judgment and discretion in meeting emergencies and enforcing ordinances and laws.

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Complete all information on the employment application, found on Human Resources page. 


  • Application: The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Application for Employment form must be used.  A separate application is required for each position you are applying for.
  • Accuracy: ALL questions must be answered completely and accurately.  You may be disqualified for any false or misleading statements or for omitting information.
  • License: If the position requires a license or certification, list the name of the license or certification and the expiration date.
  • Resume: A resume will not be accepted in lieu of an application.  To write "see resume" on your application is not acceptable.  A resume is required as a part of your application packet.
  • Signature:  Your signature is required.  If the application is not signed, it may be disqualified.

Application packet shall compose of the following:
   1. Cover Letter
   2. Application for Employment
   3. Resume


Mail: HR Department
Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe
PO Box 130
Tokeland, WA 98590
Applications also available with Receptionist

Hiyu maśi

Hiyu maśi means “many thanks” in our native language and is pronounced “hi-yu mah-see.”