About the Tribe

Community Announcements

Keeping tribal members informed of activities and events. 


 March 2nd-Hamm Radio Class 7-8pm in Tribal Center

March 3rd-Tribal Council 1pm

March 8th-Tribal Court 1 pm

March 10th-Tribal Council 1pm

March 12th-Women's Group 10-2pm

March 14th-Your Health the Journey Lunch-12-1

March 14th-Neighborhood Watch-6-8pm

March 17th-St. Patrick's Day

March 17th-Tribal Council 10 am

March 24th-Tribal Council 10 am

March 24th-Dream Catcher Class 5-7 pm in Tribal Center

March 26th-Women's Group 10-2

March 28th-Your Health the Journey Lunch 12-1

March 31st-Tribal Council 1pm